Spreadsheet Server
Excel Based Reporting for Any ERP

Spreadsheet Server is an Excel add-in that provides live data in Excel without requiring a data warehouse. It converts Excel into a tightly integrated real-time reporting and analytical tool. Spreadsheet Server has been built to allow it to easily connect to other data sources, all from within Excel.

135+ ERP systems

Other data sources


Leverage the strength of your spreadsheets with seamless dynamic integration to your ERP data, along with the powerful drill-down capability to the lowest level of detail. Spreadsheet Server allows you to build a range of reports from simple ad hoc workbooks to complex dashboards. Spreadsheet Server amplifies the investments your organization has already made in its core ERP and Microsoft technology by allowing you to combine the best of both. 

Budget Accelerator

Do you have difficulty preparing your budget workbooks for numerous business units? Is it time consuming for you to distribute, track and collect Excel based budget forms? How about incorporating your data models? Budget Accelerator allows you to streamline and control your budgeting process, ensuring timeliness, accuracy, and consistency of your budgets. Spending less time on accumulating budget details  means more time for analysis and strategic planning.

Multisource Data

The advantage of our tools is often found in the fact that the were developed for one or two ERPs in particular. This give you the quickest time to value because a one-hour installation, rather than months of implementation is required to get started. Spreadsheet Server also possesses ERP smarts for many of the leading ERPs, but unlike most of our other Excel based tools, Spreadsheet Server is set up in a way that makes it easy to access other data sources as well, either through a pre-built connector or through a custom built API connection.  

Business Dashboards

Intellicast is an optional add-on that integrates with Spreadsheet Server. You can easily create and share stunning visualizations of your financial data, sourced from your ERP system and other data sources. It runs on HTML5 so it is brower based and resizes well to any device. This makes it easy for everyone in your organization to explore financial and operational information in a way that’s universally understandable., regardless of wehre they are and if they are ERP users or not.

Key Features

Excel based reporting and analysis

Streamlined budgeting workflow

Multi data source support

Automated report distribution

Scheduled report generation

Query wizard for easy report creation


Improved Analysis

Engage with data in real time. Drill down from summary to detail and from ledger to ledger, laying bare the story behind the numbers allowing you to reconcile and consolidate with greater confidence.

Eliminate Manual Tasks

If you're used to getting a coffee or lunch while Discoverer or Oracle native reports run, then you're in for a treat. Blitz is called Blitz because it is Fast!

Speed Up Month-End

Having access to live data from Excel reduces time having to wait for IT to run data-extracts. Being able to drill down and rerun reports with just a few clicks can speed up month-end by up to 80%.

Increased Accuracy

Because you are working with data that is connected to the source, there is less of a chance of making mistakes, meaning more reliable numbers.

Reduced Reliance on IT

Spreadsheet Server is Excel based and has an easy-to-use query wizard, allowing finance and other business users to create and maintain report on their own.

Quicker and Better Decision Making

Having essential data at your fingertips, in real time and connected to the source, allows you to make better decisions.

This could be you!

“We really like the ability to use Excel to produce our published financial statements. Spreadsheet Server’s ability to link directly into the GL in real-time from Excel was a big selling point for us.”

“I couldn’t have been more pleased with the functionality we have received from Spreadsheet Server and the time savings it has provided. This has been a ‘life-saving’ tool for us from a financial reporting and data analysis perspective.”

“Before we started using Spreadsheet Server, all of our financial reports were created manually using Excel. We have been able to set up templates and create reports in a fraction of the time we spend using the old manual system.”

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