Hubble for Oracle E-Business Suite & JD Edwards

Hubble makes Oracle EBS and JDE reporting fast and easy, helping you gain better insight in your business. This integrated performance management suite with Reporting, Analytics and Budgeting & Planning capabilities comes in two versions, Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) and JD Edwards (JDE).

Oracle JD Edwards

Oracle E-Business Suite


Either use one of the 100s of pre-built templates to get going really quickly or build custom reports from scratch to match your specific needs. Engage with real-time  data, drill down to live transactions and filter down to the numbers you need. Many Finance users resort to spreadsheets because their ERP’s native tools aren’t flexible enough. Hubble offers you more than you’ll ever need for easy access to your data at blisteringly fast speed. Oh, and if you are using EBS and still using Discoverer, then do consider the import feature in Hubble for easy Discoverer replacement. 

Visual Analytics &
Live Dashboards

Decision makers often need to trawl through huge reports with numerous columns and rows and rows of static data, when they really only need to know the top 1, 2, 3 KPIs. Why not give them only the data they want, clearly presented in a dashboard, using graphics, charts, score cards and KPIs and the possibility to drill down if they need more. But make no mistake, this is not BI. Data is never staged or extracted or pulled into a data warehouse. Click on any element to reveal the underlying report and drill down on any number to reveal the story behind the numbers. 

Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

Are you keeping your budgets in spreadsheets? Are you managing your planning cycles with endless versions of Excel sheets before you write them back to your ERP? Or are you using a costly and complex  planning solution that contains only static data? Hubble planning has a workflow management system that takes the pain out of your budgeting cycle. Collect your numbers from the budget holders, manage approvals and comments, compare budgets and forecasts with your actual numbers and then finalize with the click of a button, it is that easy.

Distribution & Collaboration

Are you doing something like this…? First creating a report either in your ERP or with extracted data in Excel, then exporting that to Power Point to make it look better. Then saving that as a PDF and then attaching that to an email in Outlook send it out, without knowing who opens it, and wait to see who responds? That’s four or five different software packages that are not connected to the source of the data, many steps to distribute a static report pack. Hubble can do all that within the same user interface. Create a report, schedule it, run it in a workspace, distribute that workspace and then monitor who opens, approves, comments and/or tags others and includes them in the conversation. All within Hubble, all over live data. One single real time truth for all.


Do you only find our there’s something wrong when you check your numbers? Are you comparing numbers in a spreadsheet report or dashboard with the KPIs or benchmarks you’ve set? Hubble takes that need away. Hubble can let you know when something is off. If you are responsible for the business reaching a certain number, or to make sure that a certain value is not exceeded at a certain moment in time, then relax and rely on Hubble. Hubble can notify you, either through the Hubble user interface, or through an email, or both, if something needs your attention. Then just click the link and investigate the problem in real time. 

Key Features

Purpose built for EBS or JDE

Access to live data

Adheres to ERP security

Very fast performance

End-user empowerment

Integrated Reporting, Analytics & Planning


Reduce Time Spent on Month-End

Access to live data and not needing to wait for IT speeds up month-end close by up to 80%.


No need for sending static report packs. distribute, commend and discuss, all within the solution.

Faster Response Time

Alerts allow you to respond to situations as they happen, either within the tools or to your email.

Hit the ground running with 100s of Templates

Every module comes with templates that can be used as-is, or as starting point for further customisation.

Native Business Dashboards

Live dashboards provide a 360 real time view of the business.

Drill Down

Drill down from the numbers in a tabular report, or from a graph or chart. Go from summary to transactional detail.

This could be you!

“We are  a typical business that needs to do more with less. You can solve this by investing in technology or employing more people. We chose to ease the burden on our employees with Hubble. By enabling our Finance team to build their own reports, we have increased productivity for the IT team and for end users.”

“Relief! … I can create reports without being a programmer … I can produce reports easily myself and present actual data in the format our teams need to function.”

“The ability to combine data from multiple tables, put in our own calculations and groupings so we don’t have to do this in Excel is fantastic. It has saved a lot of time for the reporting staff and has made our reporting a lot more flexible. Being able to build and publish reports for others to use has saved our regional finance staff from having to manually combine multiple reports in Excel to get what they want.”

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