Blitz Report for Oracle E-Business Suite

Blitz Report™ is the fastest and most cost effective reporting solution for Oracle E-Business Suite. It is based on Oracle forms and completely integrated with your EBS System. At the other end it pushes reports out into Excel so you have the best of both worlds. Use Blitz Report for Discoverer replacement, month-end close and ad-hoc financial or operational reporting, and never look back. 

Oracle E-Business Suite


Reporting with Blitz Report is easy as 1-2-3. Business users select a report template from the almost 300 templates that come with the product, or from a list of custom templates. Then they select the parameters and columns they need with an Oracle form and then run the report which automatically exports to perfectly formatted to Excel. It’s that easy. 

Real Time ECC Data to Excel

If you are running Enterprise Command Centres you might want to have more control over your data than ECC can give you. ECC doesn’t allow real time refreshes, and its  download options are very limited (data volume, number of columns, only CSV etc). Enter Blitz Report… Having data in real native Excel is like having the data in your hands. Blitz Report extracts the data directly from EBS, in real time, using the same data sets as the ECC dashboard, straight into Excel, ready for analysis.


Supply Chain Hub

If you’re in manufacturing and are using the Supply Chain and/or MRP modules in EBS, chances are that you are managing a huge amount of data in a great number of forms and responsibilities. You might be toggling between screens or be forced to wait several minutes to retrieve the data you need. Blitz Report’s Supply Chain Hub has been developed specifically to solve this. It makes supply chain planning more efficient and replaces the core Oracle supply chain and manufacturing functionality with a single hub, delivering functionality beyond any standard offering from Oracle, the way you want it. Fast.

Key Features

Very affordable

Create reports with Oracle Forms

Adheres to ERP security

Super fast performance

No hardware required

Discoverer replacement automation


Fast Fast Fast

If you're used to getting a coffee or lunch while Discoverer or Oracle native reports run, then you're in for a treat. Blitz is called Blitz because it is Fast!

Hit the ground running with 100s of Templates

Blitz Report comes natively with almost 300 report templates, and many more are available online.

Deploys in < 1 Hour

You can download the software on your own and install it yourself with the installation guide. We're also happy to help of course. You'll need an hour and you'll be on your way.

Reduce Month-End Close

Having direct access to your data, without needing IT, combined with the ability to run and rerun reports at the speed of light, will supercharge your month-end.

Cost Accounting

Is distribution and manufacturing cost accounting giving you headaches? Then Blitz Report's material and WIP accounting, inventory valuation and reconciliation templates are the cure!

Blitz Makes You Smile

The hard times are over and you'll never look back. Blitz Report is what you want, easy and fast access to EBS data.

This could be you!

“Compared to our old reporting solution, new reports are created much faster and easier. From accounting users to the various managers and heads of department, our employees are especially impressed by the user-friendly interface and the well-formatted Excel output files.”

“We are delighted with the productivity improvements; in one example we replaced 182 report submissions with just one Blitz Report, saving 1.5 days of manual work every month. Overall we have saved a lot of time, as we can now build reports much more quickly.”

“Excellent tool for quick reporting with a lot of handy functionality. Great replacement for Discoverer.”

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