Financial reporting tools for SAP

Is reporting over SAP giving you headaches?

These Tools Will Ease The Pain.

Only too often do we hear that Finance and Business users extract data from their ERP to Excel because their ERP’s native reporting capabilities are either to slow, clunky, inflexible or hard to use. They might not even extract this data themselves, but need to rely on IT to create and amend reports, or extract the data and dump it in Excel or a CSV. If you recognize this, then we’ve got just what you need. 

The Wands for Oracle and SAP allow you to leverage your existing Excel skills and combine these with fast and easy access to the data in your ERP. Sometimes more commonly known as Excel4apps, the Wands are the go-to-product for interactive Oracle and SAP reporting without ever leaving Excel. Wands is the best choice for SAP reporting if SAP is your only data source for live data. 

Spreadsheet Server is an Excel add-in that provides live data in Excel without requiring a data warehouse. It converts Excel into a tightly integrated real-time reporting and analytical tool. Spreadsheet Server has been built to allow it to easily connect to other data sources, all from within Excel. Spreadsheet Server is the best choice for SAP reporting if you also want to bring in other data sources.