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Only too often do we hear that Finance and Business users extract data from their ERP to Excel because their ERP’s native reporting capabilities are either to slow, clunky, inflexible or hard to use. Even worse, they might have to rely on IT to create and amend reports, or extract the data and dump it in Excel or a CSV. If you recognise this, then we’ve got just what you need. 

Hubble makes Oracle E-Business (EBS) and JD Edwards (JDE) reporting fast and easy, helping you gain better insight in your business. Hubble is purpose built for your ERP and understands your system immediately after installation. This integrated performance management suite with Reporting, Analytics and Budgeting & Planning capabilities comes packed with a large number of rich templates that can get you off to a great start. This means a very fast time-to-value. 

The Wands for Oracle and SAP allow you to leverage your existing Excel skills and combine these with fast and easy access to the data in your ERP. Sometimes more commonly known as Excel4apps, the Wands are the go-to-product for interactive Oracle and SAP reporting without ever leaving Excel.

With Atlas you gain live access to data in your Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations ERP. Atlas allows you to report over all modules in Dynamics and can blend data from other systems. Not only analyse your data from different dimensions and drill down from summary to transactions, but also bulk amend and upload data back into Dynamics with just a few clicks.

BizView is a powerful yet very easy-to-use and cost effective Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution. It integrates very well with Microsoft Dynamics and other data sources as well if you require. Rely on BizView to report over your actual numbers, see variances with your budgets in clear visualisations and streamline your planning process with a state-of-the-art workflow management system.

Blitz Report™ is the fastest and most cost effective reporting solution for Oracle E-Business Suite. It is based on Oracle forms and completely integrated with your EBS System. At the other end it pushes reports out into Excel so you have the best of both worlds. Use Blitz Report for Discoverer replacement, month-end close and ad-hoc financial or operational reporting, and never look back. 

Spreadsheet Server is an Excel add-in that provides live data in Excel without requiring a data warehouse. It converts Excel into a tightly integrated real-time reporting and analytical tool. Spreadsheet Server has been built to allow it to easily connect to other data sources, all from within Excel.


Make Reconciliation a Breeze

Refreshing live data and drilling down, helps you quickly analyse the data and look for errors. This will make reconciliation much easier and faster.

Reduced Reliance on IT

With these tools finance and other business users are able to create and maintain report on their own. This means that the days where you had to wait for your turn in IT's busy schedule are over.

Fast Deployment

Most of these tools are purpose built for your ERP. This means that you'll be live after a speedy installation. Call us now and you'll be able to close of your next month with one of our tools.

Speed Up Month-End Close

Having direct access to your data, without needing IT, combined with the ability to run and rerun reports at the speed of light, will supercharge your month-end.

Drill Down

Drill down from the numbers in a tabular report, or from a graph or chart. Go from summary to transactional detail.

Tools To You Smile

The hard times are over and you'll never look back. These reporting tools take the pain out of your reporting work.

This could be you!

“We can now create daily exception reports for data which is missing or wrong. Missing price on a sales order, wrong G/L class code, negative inventory quantities are just few which we use. The reports can be combined into a pack so you only have to open the pack and run it to produce all the contained reports. One of the best things about Hubble is that a user can do all of this and you do not have to depend on IT to write or change a report.”

“The ease with which we can create, modify and publish reports is fantastic.”

“GL Wand provided an immediate improvement in both quality of information and efficiency, helping drive 4 to 5 days out of our monthly closing process.”

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