Atlas for Microsoft Dynamics

With Atlas you gain live access to data in your Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations ERP. Atlas allows you to report over all modules in Dynamics and can blend data from other systems. Not only analyse your data from different dimensions and drill down from summary to transactions, but also bulk amend and upload data back into Dynamics with just a few clicks.

MS Dynamics AX

MS Dynamics 365 F&O



If you find the Dynamics’ native reporting capabilities cumbersome, slow and not flexible enough for your needs, chances are that you are extracting data into Excel and then run macros, lookups and pivots to get to the answers you need, and if you’re on Dynamics 365 this might well mean that you’re confronted with performance issues. And how consolidating data from various entities or the often repetitive process of re-keying data for your month-end close. Do you recognise any of this? So did the 1000s of companies that have overcome these pains by adopting Atlas. Reporting with Atlas is easy and fast, and because Atlas uses the Dynamics security profiles, it is also completely safe.

Data Upload/Write Back

The fastest way of uploading data into Dynamics is by using Atlas’ upload feature. Use the upload wizard to either bulk upload records from one of the provided templates, or create a new custom upload template from scratch. If you have bulk amendments to do, Atlas is your friend. Download the data into a spreadsheet, amend, then validate the data so you can fix any issues before you load the data back into Dynamics, and you can do all this on the fly, or scheduled for a time when it suits you best.

Instant Time Savings

Like all of our other tools, Atlas will save you time, lots of time. Atlas plugs into your Dynamics instance with a fairly simple installation. After that you can use the 150+ templates to get you off to a flying start and get crunching your numbers. And talking about numbers, if you have large data volumes you might have been confronted with Dynamics’ and Excel’s performance issues. If so, you can rely on Atlas’ data caching functionality that makes performance issues a thing of the past. Add to that Atlas’ report automation, scheduling and distribution features and you’ll understand why so many companies report days and even weeks saved each month. 

Atlas & Microsoft, Happy Together

Atlas is a great friend of the Microsoft family of tools that business users are most familiar with. Atlas is built for Dynamics and lives within Excel. But you can go much further. With Atlas you can leverage the power of live data refreshes in PowerPoint and Outlook as well. And if you combine Atlas with Power BI, you are in for a treat! Accessing Dynamics data with Power BI is often cumbersome. Atlas understand Dynamics like no other. So use Atlas to create the reports you need and then use Power BI to visualise this data. And when you schedule recurring reports you can even have Power BI pick up the refreshes automatically so that you’ll always have the latest information at your fingertips.  

Key Features

Integrates Excel with MS Dynamics

Supports multiple data sources

Adheres to ERP security

Bulk upload/download transactions

Mass update and manipulate data

Data caching improves performance


Reduce Time Spent on Month-End

Having interactive access to live data and eliminating the need to wait for IT speeds up month-end close by up to 80%.

Integrates With Microsoft Office Suite

No doubt you use more than just Excel. Atlas will allow you the power of live data refreshes in all of your favourite Microsoft Office tools.

Uses ERP Security

When you log into Atlas, you'll have the same access to data as you would have in Dynamics. This is not only convenient but also very safe.

Hit the ground running with 150+ Templates

Atlas comes packed with powerful report templates that can be used as-is, or as starting point for further customisation.

Leverage Power BI

Combine Atlas with Power BI to create Dashboards and data visualisations that will help you with clear analysis and a 360 view of the business.

Drill Down

Drill down from the numbers in a tabular report, or from a graph or chart. Go from summary to transactional detail.

This could be you!

“We are a multi-entity corporation. The ability to write one report with Atlas and have it used across many companies while maintaining the security of a shared database is invaluable. It’s one of the key reasons why we purchased this software.”

“We couldn’t live without Atlas, so it is not a matter of time or cost saved, but existence.”

“The data upload is one of the best time-saving features offered by Atlas that our business uses. We would have to key in hundreds of orders manually into Microsoft Dynamics, now we just import a spreadsheet!”

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