More4apps for Oracle E-Business Suite & ERP Cloud

If you feel that loading data into your Oracle E-Business Suite or Oracle ERP Cloud system should be easier or faster, then More4apps tools can help you put valuable time back in your day and increase accuracy by omitting menial and manual steps, Leverage your Excel skills and benefit from the ability to manipulate and upload data from within a familiar spreadsheet.

Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle ERP Cloud

EBS Toolbox

Use the EBS Toolbox solution to reduce manual tasks in Oracle forms with powerful Excel based wizards and loaders. Prepare, validate, up & download, maintain and analyse information from: 

  • Projects
  • Procure to Pay
  • Order to Cash
  • Inventory
  • Product Definition
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • System Administration
  • Development Platform

ERP Cloud Toolbox

As EBS customers are migrating to Oracle ERP Cloud, they discover the pitfalls of Oracle’s built-in data loaders. Starting with the Procurement Module, the ERP Cloud Toolbox will eventually comprise of:

  • Procurement
  • Projects
  • Finance
  • Product Definition
  • Trading Community
  • Sales
  • Inventory

Key Features

Perfect alternative to Web ADI

Integrates Excel with Oracle ERPs

Adheres to ERP security

Bulk upload/download transactional data

Mass update and manipulate data

Batch upload/download master data


Increases Efficiency

More4apps tools have been created with the sole purpose of reducing the need for manual repetitive data entry work, so that they can make better use of their time.

Completely Secure

More4apps tools make use of Oracle's Web ADI or Cloud Web Services. This means users authenticate with their Oracle credentials and Single Sign On.

Boosts Productivity

When users can replace inefficient data entry work they can focus on task that can drive productivity up.

Very Quick Implementation

More4apps does not need additional hardware. You know Oracle and Excel, so install the software and you're done.

Reliable Data

Less manual steps means bigger accuracy and less risk of mistakes, resulting in more meaningful and reliable information for your organisation.

Validate Data in Excel

More4apps has a nifty pre-validate function that can ensure data in correct in Excel before it is uploaded into the Oracle system. The rewards are obvious.

This could be you!

“The Budget wizard probably saves us more than 1-2 weeks in forecast loading a month compared to doing this using WebADI journals for each individual project. We can currently load all these projects in around 30 minutes using this tool combined with some of our own simple VBA scripts.”

“Our staff were frustrated with the highly manual process of managing our contractor payments. With the More4apps AP Wizard and Project Wizard we streamlined the whole process. Key wins included improved staff engagement, a cleaner budgeting process and no more accruals.

“Data accuracy is probably one of the next biggest things that has improved. Loading things up through Excel is just so much easier than people manually punching stuff in via the keyboard and making mistakes.”

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