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Finance and other business users often struggle to get to the insights they need. The data they need is in their ERP, but engaging with that data is not as simple or intuitive as it should be. 

That’s where we make a difference! 

Make a difference.

Time Savings

Put valuable time back in your day by reducing manual entry and other repetitive tasks. Automated scheduling and distribution of recurring reports and having direct access to your ERP data will speed up your month-end close cycles and allows you to respond faster to ad-hoc queries from the business.

More Control

The world is changing quicker than ever before. So, you don’t want to wade through endless spreadsheets of static data. You need key information as it changes. Using dashboard and scorecards to stay on top of your business performance in real time allows you to respond quicker to your rapidly changing business environment.

Clear Analysis

Visualize your numbers and then drill down from summary to detail. Work with live data that is connected to your ERP so that you always have one single truth across the business. Use either Excel or a purpose-built solution to discover the story behind the numbers.

Better Business Outcomes

Faster access to more reliable numbers allows you to make better decisions sooner. Streamlining your budgeting and planning cycles with customizable budget forms will make it easier to collaborate and make budgeting a team effort. Being able to model the consequences of your decisions before you implement them will set you up with the best chance to improve your bottom line.

This could be you!

“We can retrieve the data we need, no matter how complex, in a matter of seconds.”

“The drill-down functionality is superb. When compiling a report, if a problem is discovered, we can simply drill down, find the problem, fix it and then refresh. It’s that easy.”

“Because we are able to  turnaround accounting reports more quickly, more time can be spent analyzing the numbers, as opposed to preparing reports. This means more informed, effective and targeted business decisions can be made to manage costs and improve profitability.”

Choose your ERP/Data Source

Any Questions?

The best way to determine which tool is right for you is to do a demo or a POC (proof of concept). But here are some questions that we often hear. 

Well that really depends on the tool, the amount of users and what functionality you need. But any good tools pays itself back in time savings and cost efficiencies. No matter what tool you choose, you can start saving money from day one. 

Asking this question you might be thinking in terms of an ERP or BI implementation or upgrade, which can drag on for months with high paid external consultants. Our tools typically install in under an hour, and because of their ERP smarts; implementation, training and development work can be done in days. 

All our software packages are optimised for performance and have a minimal impact on your production environment, they often run faster than the ERP’s native tools. Why don’t you try it out in a POC. 

Yes we do! We have Excel based or Excel like tools that can run over practically any data source. Fill in the contact form and let’s discuss your specific needs. 

We’re working on the sandbox but in the meantime we can certainly give you a trial license to try out the software. If you are serious, so are we. Installing the software takes trust and when you do we will also commit some resources to get you started. Let’s do a demo first to get the ball rolling. 

Seen anything you like? Want to know more?
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